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Stepic FAQ

Stepic for Live and StepicVST look very similar. What's the difference between both devices?

Stepic for Live is the older brother of StepicVST and was designed as a Max for Live device specifically for use in Ableton Live. As a Max for Live device, it has access to Live's API and is able to control not only the parameters of other software plugins and hardware devices, but also parameters within Live itself. This includes all Live devices such as Live's synthesizers, samplers, audio and MIDI effects as well as channel and master parameters. StepicVST, on the other hand, is a pure VST/AU plugin that loads into various hosts such as Logic Pro, Cubase, Bitwig Studio, Studio One, Cakewalk or REAPER. With StepicVST you can control the parameters of other software plugins and hardware devices that are in the same channel strip. Bitwig Studio is an exception. There it is possible to control Bitwig's own parameters using the MIDI modulator. While Stepic for Live and StepicVST have a similar looking user interface and feature set, they are independent plugins. Internally, they need to be different in many ways to work either as a Max for Live device or as a VST3/AU plugin.


Does Stepic for Live work with other hosts than Ableton Live?

No. Being a Max for Live device, Stepic for Live can only be used with Ableton Live.


Does StepicVST work in Ableton Live?

StepicVST can be loaded into Ableton Live, but its functionality will be limited. You will not be able to automate Live devices or parameters such as Wavetable, Analog, Sampler, or any of Live's effects devices with StepicVST's modulation sequencers. Further, Ableton Live does not pass all MIDI CC messages generated by StepicVST, which also limits its support for 3rd-party plugins and external hardware devices. For this reason, Ableton Live is not listed as a compatible host for StepicVST.


I'm interested in StepicVST, but my host is not listed as compatible.

If your host is not listed as compatible, we probably haven't had a chance yet to test StepicVST with it. Contact us at [email protected] and file a host support request. Devicemeister is always interested to extend their list of supported hosts.


What's about FL Studio support for StepicVST?

FL Studio is currently the only host that we know of, that doesn't pass StepicVST's MIDI CC messages of the modulation sequencers. This means, StepicVST cannot be used for parameter modulation in FL Studio. However, StepicVST loads into FL Studio, but only the note sequencer will work properly.


I need Stepic for Live and StepicVST. Is there a discount if I want to buy both?

Yes. Stepic for Live and StepicVST are available as a bundle. For more information take look at Stepic Bundle.


I already own Stepic for Live or StepicVST. Is there a discount if  I want to buy the other one?

Yes. If you already own a version of Stepic you can upgrade to Stepic Bundle for €19.00. Log in to your account and navigate to Purchase History -> View Licenses -> View Upgrades and select Upgrade License on Stepic Bundle. You will be redirected to the checkout and the discounted price will be calculated automatically.