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Stepic for Live 1.5 Released!
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Stepic for Live

Step and Modulation Sequencer Powerhouse

Max for Live version for Ableton Live
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What makes Stepic for Live so special?

Stepic for Live is a comprehensive step and modulation sequencer designed as a Max for Live midi effect for use in Ableton Live. To make Stepic for Live's extensive feature set quick and intuitive to use, we equipped it with the user interface of a VST3 audio plug-in.

8 independent modulation sequencers and over 200 randomizable device values guarantee that Stepic for Live always stays fresh. The unique combination of features and an outstanding workflow let you go far beyond the ordinary.

Stepic for Live has the Full Package

In over 20 years of music production we've always had a great passion for step sequencers. We love their experimental "hands-on" character where you just tweak some knobs and within seconds get completely new and exciting results.

But there was always something missing in all the models. What one could do, the other could not. So we decided to build our own step sequencer, with all the features we always wanted - and even more :-)

Key Features

A Max for Live Midi Effect

Stepic for Live is loaded as a midi effect into Ableton Live. Therefore it operates in the same track as the instrument to be played.

Pattern System

Store your ideas in up to 16 patterns. Use pattern concatenation for building sequences far beyond 16 steps.


Always stay in key by using Stepic's scale system. Choose from one of the predefined scales or create your own.

Individual Sequence Lengths

Keep it interesting and mix things up. For each section (Pitch, Octave, Duration, etc.) a separate sequence length can be defined.

Chord Play

Stepic is polyphonic. The chord editor with its 6 octave range lets you set individual chords for each step. Use Chord-Copy to quickly and conveniently copy chords between steps.

Live & VST Parameter Mapping

Bring the 8 modulation sequencers into play and modulate any parameter within your Live project. Create unique polyrhythmic effects by assigning tracks their own sequence and note lengths.

Modulate your MIDI CC Device

Each modulation sequencer can modulate either Live & VST parameters or MIDI CC values. MIDI CC modulation is automatically sent to the device controlled by the Live MIDI track, e.g. your hardware synthesizer.


Play Stepic like an instrument with your MIDI keyboard. Create dynamic variations of your sequences with the Arpeggiator, Transpose mode, and Chord-Play.
Keyfeature MIDI Play
Keyfeature Drag & Drop MIDI Export

Drag & Drop MIDI Export

Export up to 16 bars of Stepic's MIDI with a single click into your DAW, including CC automations, randomization settings, and MIDI-Play.


Control the probability with which notes are played. Choose between different modes and give sequences the variation you need.

Note Repeat

Add a hypnotic touch to your sequences and explore Stepic's Note Repeat feature. Transpose Mode, Offset & Range help you hit the sweet spot.


Optimize and speed up your workflow. The clipboard function lets you copy sequences between sections and patterns with just two clicks.


Create variety and unpredictable moments by utilizing the over 200 randomization functions.

Users love Stepic

“If you're looking for a new sequencer to inspire you and to take your sound to a next level, Stepic is the way to go. The possibilities are endless and only your creativity is the limit.”
S1gns Of L1fe
“Stepic combines a unique feature set with an intuitive, streamlined UI. My favorite are the 8 modulation lanes. The ability to automate any Live or MIDI parameter lets you get creative.”
Martin Stürtzerürtzer
“Stepic has earned a dedicated spot in my setup. Not only does it have the essential features to my workflow usually exclusive to hardware sequencers, it has the feel of great hardware.”
Don Tyler - Mastering Engineer & Electronic Musician
“Stepic covers each individual aspect of sequencing. The numerous randomization options let you get very crazy results very quickly.”
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Full Feature List

  • 16 step sequencer.
  • Section Sequence Length (pitch, octave, velocity, etc.).
  • Pattern storage: 16 patterns.
  • MIDI Export via Drag & Drop.
  • Pattern Chaining.
  • Fully scalable user interface.
  • Pattern length: up to 16 bars.
  • Maximum sequence length: 4096 steps (16 steps x 16 bars x 16 patterns).
  • Patternchange via MIDI Note & CC.
  • Step Tie.
  • Adjustable scale system.
  • Per step polyphony.
  • Chord Editor (6 octaves).
  • MIDI Play (Arpeggiator, Transpose, Chord-Play).
  • MIDI Export via Drag & Drop.
  • Selective MIDI Thru
  • Note Repeat.
  • Note Probablity.
  • 220+ randomization options.
  • Value Randomization (pitch, octave, duration, velocity, modulation, etc.).
  • Adjustable randomization ranges.
  • Quick Copy (patterns, sections, steps, modulations).
  • Quick Dice.
  • Retrigger Sequence (note & modulation sequencers).
  • Random Step Play Order.
  • Note Offset.
  • Note Divider (Ratcheting).
  • Note Preview.
  • Parameter Lock
  • Adjustable Root Note.
  • 8 independent modulation sequencers for value modulation.
  • Modulation Targets: Ableton Live Parameter or MIDI CC.
  • Individual Sequence and Note Length for modulation sequencers.
  • Custom Note Length (Range: 1/99 to 99/1).
  • MIDI Device Manager for storing MIDI maps.
  • Pattern Change Modes: Free Run, Retrigger.
  • Pattern Change via Ableton Live's Automation feature.
  • Pattern Change via Stepic's Max for Live device UI.
  • Ableton Live preset support (save an instance of Stepic as Live preset).

System requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 7 or later (64 bit).
  • Apple macOS 10.9 Mavericks or later (Apple Silicon, Intel x64).
  • Ableton Live 10 or later.
  • Max 8 or Max for Live 8.
  • Hardware requirements according to the Ableton Live version in use.
  • Using a different host than Ableton Live? Look at Stepic.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

30-Days Money Back

We are absolutely convinced you will love Stepic for Live. And if you need help in any way, our support is always there for you. However, if you are still not satisfied, you can request a full refund anytime within 30 days of purchase.

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