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Release Note


  • Native Apple M1/Silicon support for Stepic's UI component.
  • Fixed a bug with Pattern Change via Live Automation in Arrangement View.


  • New OpenGL GUI Render Mode (can be enabled in Global Settings).
  • Fixed a problem with Instant Pattern Save Mode.
  • Minor UI improvements.


  • New MIDI Target Device Manager.
  • New Modulation Default Value Option: 'Off'.
  • New Pattern Save Mode: Instant.
  • Improved parameter assignment in MIDI CC Modulation Mode.
  • Improved representation of selected Chord and Scales Notes.


  • Pattern Change via Program Change Message (e.g. to trigger pattern changes via Live Clips).


  • Added pitch note indicators to pitch faders.


  • Trial downloads now available for Windows & macOS.
  • Added step number indicators in lower half of UI for better UX/navigation.
  • Minor quality-of-life changes.


  • New: Note On/Off Probability.
  • New: Note Repeat section with Transpose Mode, Range & Offset.
  • New: Chord Copy To/From, Chord Cycle.
  • New: Fader option for modulation values.


  • In addition to the continuously adjustable UI zoom, 6 predefined resolutions can be set in the Global Settings dialog (75%, 100%, 125%, 150%, 175%, 200%).
  • Enables keyboard & midi mapping of Hold, Mute & Pattern No. in Stepic's Max UI.
  • Minor cosmetic bug fixes related to font scaling.


  • Fixes a problem with Stepic's Mute/Unmute function that could occur in certain situations.


  • Now allows mapping while Live's transport is running.
  • The default value read when mapping a live parameter is now applied to all patterns (including empty ones).
  • Fixes a bug with chord note output, that could occur in combination with certing root note settings.


  • Stepic can now automatically check for available updates. The feature can be turned on & off in the Global Settings dialog.


  • Official Release Version.